Spruce the Bruce Grants

Product and Experience Development


Tourism is what drives visitors to explore Bruce County. By upgrading or creating new experiences and products for visitors, their length of stay and monies spent can increase, assisting the overall economy.

The Product & Experience Development / Enhancement grant provides funding for tourism business and property owners of tourism establishments to improve the visitor experience by making upgrades and enhancements to their products, services, and physical location.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the grant:

The applicant must be the tenant or the property owner of a business whose products or services are demand generators directly related to tourism (accommodations, recreation and entertainment, food and beverage, travel services, and transportation). A letter of support from the property owner is required if the applicant is the tenant.

The building or property must be located within the Community Improvement Project Area (CIPA) of one of the following municipalities: Brockton

The project must comply with Municipal by-laws and have received appropriate permits and permissions.

Project work must not have started (including purchasing any materials) until the application has been approved.

This grant cannot be combined with any other Spruce the Bruce grants.

Properties previously awarded grants are not eligible for additional funding under the same grant category unless:

  • The grant was provided more than five years ago; or
  • Either the tenant and/or property owner changed since the last grant was provided; or
  • The application is clearly for different physical elements of the building/property (as determined by County Staff)
Max Funding

50% of total project cost (excluding taxes) up to $5,000.

Eligible Projects

Eligible projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure related to physical improvements or additions to a building or structure (e.g., exterior façade, patios, cabins, docks, playgrounds, etc.)
  • Infrastructure related to the development of new tourism products or services
  • Other projects that develop or enhance existing or new product or experiences
Ineligible Projects

Ineligible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Temporary, ‘removeable’, or consumable project materials or elements
  • New building construction
  • General maintenance repairs

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