Strategic Priorities

Paving a path towards economic success. 


To provide workforce, community and business development services in order to ensure that the County is positioned towards growth attraction, value remains high and that opportunities exist for visitors, residents and businesses. 



To create a culture of innovation and opportunities.


To connect to a broad range of people who are potential prospects.


To collaborate and encourage success for all.

Through our Economic Development Strategic Plan, we’ve identified a number of objectives that will help Bruce County achieve our vision of growth up to 2026. Three key strategic priorities provide direction towards economic success: business development, workforce development and community development. Priorities focus on attracting visitors, residents, investors and entrepreneurs to Bruce County through a collaborative, macro approach.

Priorities at a Glance

Business Development

You can find business start-up advice all over the internet. What you'll find here is great advice in the unique context of Bruce County and local know-how.

Workforce Development

The continued success of Bruce County relies heavily on the collective capacity to attract and retain a skilled workforce.

Community Development

We're striving to build vibrant communities through support of local businesses, municipalities and community partners.

2022-2026 Bruce County Economic Development Strategic Plan

To request a printed copy, please contact us.

No matter what stage of business you're in, our resources help with everything from idea generation to succession planning.
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