Annual Reports

Various initiatives and objectives are identified within the 2022-2026 Economic Development Strategic Plan, and we measure success and progress of these objectives on an annual basis. As we continue to embark on the journey of each objective outlined, we look forward to building upon the progress we’ve made, and achieving economic growth and prosperity now and into the future.

Accomplishments at a Glance

Economic Strategic Plan

The Bruce County Economic Development Strategic Plan 2022-2026 was adopted and endorsed by Bruce County Council and guides economic development initiatives for the next 5 years.

A new investment website - was launched in August and is dedicated to fostering business attraction and investment in the region. The website highlights diverse industries, investment opportunities, and economic development supports available in Bruce County.

Multicultural Events

Bruce County supports various multicultural events across the County with the goal of making Bruce communities welcoming and inclusive for all.

Business to Bruce Program

The Business to Bruce program continues to support the local entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing business advice, training, mentorship and grant opportunities to local entrepreneurs.

Marketing Initiatives

Marketing initiatives continue to promote Bruce County as a place to visit, live, invest and start or move a business here.

Workforce Development and Attraction Strategy

Bruce County progresses actions outlined in the Workforce Development and Attraction Strategy to address the region’s critical labour force shortage.

Community Grant Program

Under the Community Grant program, Bruce County provided 29 grants totaling $48,500 to organizations or groups focused on growing and supporting agriculture in the area.

Grey Bruce Local Immigration Partnership Settlement Strategy

Bruce County, in partnership with Grey County, continues to work on the actions outlined in the Grey Bruce Local Immigration Partnership Settlement Strategy, a roadmap to build welcoming and inclusive communities in Grey Bruce and improve the integration of newcomers.

Tourism Innovation Lab

Bruce County continues to support innovation around tourism through the Tourism Innovation Lab.

Spruce the Bruce Program

Bruce County invests in local and future residents, businesses, and communities through the Spruce the Bruce program. This program helps build healthy and vibrant communities by offering grants and resources to maintain and grow commercial areas and public experiences. In 2022, $125,000 in grant funding supported downtown businesses.

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